Zomato IPO Share Price Today | Zomato Value After Listing Stood At Rs 7,270 Crore | Zomato’s share price may go up to Rs 41, the price is at very expensive valuation

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  • Zomato IPO Share Price Today | Zomato Value After Listing Stood At Rs 7,270 Crore

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  • In August 2010, Infoage invested 4.7 crores in Zomato.
  • It had again invested in Zomato in December last year.

It can happen only and only in the stock market that in 11 years Rs 4.7 crore becomes Rs 7,270 crore. In August 2010, Infoage invested Rs 4.7 crore in Zomato. After listing, the value of this money has gone up to Rs 7,270 crore.

The stock is trading with gains today

Today is the first day after the listing of Zomato. The stock is trading close to Rs 130, up 3%. The market cap is above Rs 1 lakh crore. But will this fast journey of Zomato continue? It’s not like this. Most of the market experts say that it is running on one brand. The correct price of its share is between Rs 41 to 50. In this way it is trading at two and a half times higher price.

Burger King’s stock went the same way

By the way, this is not the first company whose share price is moving in this way. When Burger King was listed, its share price had gone up from Rs 60 to Rs 220 in 3 days. In the middle it came down to Rs 120. Now it is at Rs 170. Analysts believe that if shares in such companies are found during the IPO, then it is better to go out of the listing. He says that investors should get out of this stock.

The stock went up to Rs 138 on the first day

Reaching Rs 138 on the day of listing, the stock later closed with a fall of 10%. Although it is in a hurry today. In fact, its valuation being expensive means that it is a loss making company. Although everyone wanted to invest in its IPO. But people could not get the shares. Even the fund houses did not get as many shares as they wanted.

185 fund houses got shares worth Rs 4,196 crore

A total of 186 fund houses got shares worth Rs 4,196 crore. Of this, 74 schemes of 19 domestic fund houses got shares. These schemes got a total share of Rs 1,399 crore. All of them bought shares at Rs 76 and now this investment amount has increased by 50%.

Info Edge benefits the most

Info Edge was the biggest gainer in Zomato. Its share is 18.4%. It had invested Rs 4.7 crore in Zomato in August 2010. Now its valuation has gone up to Rs 7,270 crore. It had also invested Rs 4,950 crore in December 2020. At that time the valuation of Zomato was estimated at Rs 30,000 crore. Infoedge has sold shares worth Rs 750 crore in Zomato during the IPO.

18 employees became millionaires

There have been 18 such employees of Zomato who have become millionaires i.e. millionaires because of this IPO. All of them were given shares under ESOPs i.e. Employees’ Stock Option. Its founder Dipinder Goyal’s shares are currently valued at Rs 4,650 crore. The value of the shares of Gunjan Patidar is Rs 363 crore, the value of Mohit Gupta’s shares is Rs 195 crore, the value of the shares of Surobhi Das is Rs 169 crore. The value of the shares received by Gaurav Gupta is 179 crores.

Apart from this, Akshat Goel, Ankit Kwatra, Rahul Ganju, Chaitanya Mathur, Manjunath, Ajit Pasi, Kunal Swaroop, Prashant Malik, Alankrit Nishad, Damini Bhalla and Siddharth Jhawar are included.

Isops benefits

In fact, they always benefit in the esops they get. In the long run they become millionaires and billionaires. Aditya Puri, who was the MD and CEO of the same bank for the longest time in the country, sold his shares in July 2020 when he retired last year. At that time, Rs 843 crore was received in exchange for his shares. However, if he had sold this share now, he would have got Rs 1400 crore. Because in one year the share of HDFC Bank has almost doubled. He retired at the age of 75 as the MD of HDFC Bank.

Ant Group, Uber and Sequoia are also investors

Infoedge, Ant Group, Uber, Sequoia, Tiger Global, Quora had invested in Zomato before the IPO. If we look at the value of all these at Rs 125 today, then the total value of the investment of Infoage is Rs 15,974 crore. At the IPO price of Rs 76, this value was Rs 10,414 crore. The value of Ant Group’s stake was Rs 10,620 crore at Rs 76, which has now gone up to Rs 16,290 crore. Uber’s value has increased from Rs 5,795 crore to Rs 8,885 crore, while that of Sequoia has increased from Rs 4,698 crore to Rs 7,207 crore. Tiger Global and Quora’s investment of Rs 3,218 crore has gone up to Rs 5 thousand crore each.

Return figures posted on social media

Infoage’s Sanjeev Bikhchandani posted this on social media on the day of listing and he tagged the Prime Minister’s Office and even Amitabh Kant in it. InfoEdge had a total holding of 18.4% and it has come down to 15.23% in the IPO. Ant Group is the second largest investor with 16.5% stake. Tiger Global invested Rs 1,885 crore in Zomato 11 months ago. This amount has now become Rs 5 thousand crore.

Quora invested last year. Its value is Rs 4,900 crore. Sequoia had invested Rs 300 crore in 2013. This amount has now increased to Rs 7,448 crore.

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