Zaira Wasim Says Remove My Photos From Fanpage Rying to Start New Chapter in Life – Zaira Wasim wrote a long post,


Zaira Wasim’s post again viral

new Delhi:

Zaira Wasim made a lot of headlines for quitting Bollywood in the past. Now again one of his posts is attracting a lot of attention. In this post, he has appealed to the fans to remove all their photos. Zaira Wasim wrote a lengthy post and also said that it would not be possible to remove all the pictures from the internet, but you can appeal to the fans. Zaira Wasim Instagram wrote in the caption of the post: “Last year I left a message on the fan page. If you haven’t seen it yet, then share it again.”

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Zaira Wasim wrote in his post: “Hello everyone. I want to say thank you to all of you who showed me love and kindness. You all have been a constant source of my love and courage. I request all Remove my photos from your accounts, as well as ask other fan pages to do the same. It will not be possible to remove the photos completely from the internet, but I can request you to do so. Hopefully, everything You will also help me in this way. I am trying to start a new chapter in my life and I will definitely benefit from your cooperation. “

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Fans are having a lot of reactions on this post of Zaira Wasim. Let me tell you that before this, Zaira Wasim argued about leaving Bollywood that he is not happy with this work because it is coming in the way of his religion. In a post written on her Facebook page in detail, Zaira Wasim, who gained popularity from the movie ‘Dangal’, said that she felt that even though I fit right here but I am not made for this place. Zaira Wasim said in a long post that five years ago, I took a decision that changed my life forever. As soon as I stepped into Bollywood, it opened the doors of popularity for me. Zaira Wasim had a lot of reactions on this post.


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