YouTuber Rashid Siddiquee Opposes Akshay Kumar 500 Crore Rs Defamation Notice


Akshay Kumar has sent a notice of defamation to Rashid. (File photo)


YouTuber Rashid Siddiquee has opposed the defamation notice of Akshay Kumar. Also refused to give compensation of 500 crores. Rashid claims that there was nothing derogatory in his video. He has also appealed to Akshay to withdraw the defamation notice. On not doing so, he is also talking about legal action against the actor.

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Rashid Siddiqui, while replying on Friday through his lawyer JP Jaiswal, has said that all the allegations made by Akshay Kumar are baseless. These charges have been made for the purpose of harassing them. In response, it has been said that every Indian citizen has the right to freedom of expression. There is nothing outrageous in the video uploaded by Rashid. It is seen as an approach with impartiality.

In response, it has been said that the information given in the video by Rashid Siddiqui is already public and he had put his point in the video based on the news that was run on other channels. The video was uploaded in August 2020. Rashid’s lawyer has also raised questions on defamation notice sent by Akshay Kumar after more than 2 months. He said that this notice has been sent to pressurize Rashid.

Rashid Siddiqui claims that Akshay Kumar has targeted only him. If he does not withdraw his defamation notice, he will also legally respond to it. In another case, Mumbai police has registered a case against Rashid. Rashid is accused of making derogatory remarks on Mumbai Police and Maharashtra Minister Aditya Thackeray. Rashid got interim bail on November 3 from a local court in Mumbai.


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