YouTube is continuously making people aware with the #ExpertsKiSuno campaign for covid Vaccination | Shared 22 videos in 14 days, said- choose vaccination, listen to the expert on the question

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  • YouTube Is Continuously Making People Aware With The #ExpertsKiSuno Campaign For Covid Vaccination

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Of late, but now vaccination has gained momentum within the country. People are beginning to understand that a vaccine is necessary to fight the Kovid-19 epidemic. The number of vaccinations in the country has crossed 31 crores. By the way, Google has supported a lot in promoting vaccination in the country. He has launched a campaign named Expert Ki Suno (#ExpertsKiSuno). On YouTube, he is also telling the benefits of different expert vaccinations in short clips.

Shared 22 videos in 14 days

YouTube has shared 22 video clips in the last 14 days. These range from 6 seconds to 35 seconds. The special thing is that these clips have been shared in different languages ​​of the country, so that people can become aware of vaccination by watching it. For the last 3 to 4 days, a clip of 20 seconds is being shown on most of the videos of YouTube. In which AIIMS Director Dr Randeep Guleria is also appealing to the people by telling the benefits of vaccination. This video is called ‘Vaccination question? #ExpertsKiSuno Choose Vaccines’ title.

YouTube has also named its Indian page as ‘YouTube India Spotlight’. The company is constantly asking to listen to the experts for the questions that are being raised regarding the vaccination. For this, she is running a campaign of #ExpertsKiSuno and #TrustTheExperts. Ever since the pace of vaccination has increased in the country, there has also been a decrease in Kovid positive cases. In such a situation, we also appeal to you that you must get the vaccination done. Try to avoid whatever rumors are flying about vaccination.

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