Youtube Bans US President Donald Trump for one week – Youtube also imposed ban on President Donald Trump for a week, worrying about violence


Youtube stopped President Trump from posting anything on YouTube for at least a week

new Delhi:

After Facebook and Twitter, YouTube has also banned President Donald Trump for a week. Online and video platforms have expressed concern about the spread of violence behind this ban. YouTube imposed a one-week ban, saying violence could spread by posting anything of theirs. Let me tell you that on January 20, Joe Biden will take the oath of office in America. Therefore, this decision is being seen in view of the swearing-in ceremony to be held on January 20.

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Let us know that earlier this week, Twitter had suspended the account of outgoing President Donald Trump permanently. Apart from this, Facebook and Instagram Trump has been banned till January 20. Giving information about Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg last week, the newly elected President of the United States of America, Joe Biden was sworn in until the country’s outgoing President Donald Trump would not be able to use Facebook and Instagram.



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