You can be blind, we cant close our eyes: Delhi HC pulls up center over oxygen crisis


‘Oxygen cylinder bank’ on the lines of blood bank: Delhi High Court (symbolic photo)

New Delhi:

Coronavirus There has been a shortage of oxygen in the national capital Delhi amid the surge in cases of (Coronavirus). Delhi high court (Delhi High Court) on Tuesday suggested to the Delhi government that an oxygen cylinder bank can be built on the same lines as a blood bank, where people can deposit oxygen cylinders and take cylinders from those who need them. At the same time, on the issue of lack of oxygen, the court reprimanded the Center and said that you can be blind on this, we cannot close our eyes.

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The High Court asked the Delhi government to work on it and explain to the people that they should deposit it in the cylinder bank if there is no need. Delhi government said that this is a good suggestion and will take instructions on it.

At the same time, Amicus Rajasekhar Rao told the High Court that we will get 480-520 MT of oxygen in the next 3-4 days and hope that we will touch 550-600 MT in the next seven days, because both the Center and the state are working Huh. He said that if MT Oxygen Reserve should be kept in Delhi in a few days, which should be sent when SoS calls are received.

Delhi High Court raised questions at center
The Delhi High Court questioned the Center and said that the Supreme Court has ordered that you have to supply 700 metric tons. If you do not follow this, you will be in contempt. Now this is your business. Tankers are available, but you are not ready to do this.

Center hand over tanker to IIT and IIM, they will work well
On behalf of the Center, ASG Chetan Sharma said that we are filing our compliance report before the Supreme Court today. We will not consider whether to supply 700 MT or just to meet oxygen. Hand over the center tankers to IIT or IIM, they will do a good job. The center said that 433 MT oxygen reached Delhi at midnight. 307 MT Oxygen arrived at 8:15 am. We expect to have enough oxygen by evening.

‘You can be blind, we can’t close our eyes’
The Delhi High Court told the central government that when people are dying, it is an emotional matter. You can be blind on this, we cannot close our eyes. It is sad that people are dying in Delhi due to lack of oxygen. How can you be so insensitive? What the Delhi government is saying is not just rhetoric. In fact, the Delhi government had said that the center has to deliver 590 metric tonnes of oxygen. People are dying On this, ASG Chetan Sharma said that one should not get into rhetoric.

The whole country is crying out for oxygen: the High Court
Delhi High Court said that today the whole country is crying for oxygen. We do not know how you will accomplish this in future. Can’t additional tankers be arranged in a week or two. The Center has been advised to seek the help of experts and experts of IIM on oxygen supply, the High Court said that the Center may consider bringing oxygen from Maharashtra and other states, where there is less consumption of oxygen. The center said that they will consider it and tell it.

Video: Contempt action considered if the Center did not give Delhi its oxygen – High Court


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