Yogendra Yadav says to NewsBust- It is a fight for power versus farmers – Yogendra Yadav told NewsBust – It is a battle of farmers vs power

new Delhi:

The farmers of Punjab have been agitating against the agriculture law of the central government for the last 2 months. On 26 and 27 March, he decided to march to Delhi. Every effort was made by the central government to stop the peasant movement, but the farmers have been successful in coming to Delhi. Yogendra Yadav, the national president of Swaraj India, was taken into custody yesterday by the Gurugram police. Yogendra Yadav has been continuously active in the peasant movement.

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Yogendra Yadav while talking to NewsBust said that this movement is historical. He also said that this is a fight for farmers and power. This movement is like a model for India’s democracy. The chief of Swaraj India said that it is better to ask the government today than to ask questions to the farmers.

He said that it is not just the farmers’ movement in Punjab, but the farmers of 15 states are doing the movement. Farmers of many states of the country are demonstrating at their district headquarters. Responding to NewsBust’s question, he said that there is a need to improve the market and not to eliminate the market.

Yogendra Yadav said that the farmer needs his right rather than donations. He should get the right price for his crop. The fight is to save price and harvest. Farmers are fighting for the fight against farming companies.


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