yash raj films to get 30 thousand employees vaccinated Aditya chopra asked permission for CM


New Delhi:

Production house Yash Raj Films has decided to get 30 thousand workers of the film industry vaccinated. The production house says that they will also bear the entire cost of this vaccination. Aditya Chopra has sought permission from the CM of Maharashtra to purchase 60,000 corona virus vaccines to get the entire film industry workers vaccinated. YRF (Yash Raj Films) has requested Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray to allow his film company to purchase 60,000 vaccines of Kovid-19, to cover the entire cost of these workers, to carry out the immunization program of these workers.

YRF (Yash Raj Films) has written a letter to the Federation of Western India Cine Employees (FWICE) saying – “The film industry is going through an unprecedented phase at the moment. There is also talk of staff help.” Yash Raj Films wants to extend its support and support in this regard through the Yash Chopra Foundation so that thousands of workers are able to make a living on a daily basis and protect their families. We have written a written request to the Chief Minister of Maharashtra to give us 30,000 registered workers Allocate Kovid-19 vaccine as early as possible and allow them to buy. All these workers are members of the Federation of Film Industry of Mumbai. “

The letter further reads, “The Yash Chopra Foundation will bear all the costs associated with the vaccination of workers. It will include awareness raising, transporting the workers, building the necessary infrastructure to run the immunization program, etc. We hope that our This request will be approved, so that our members will be safe and they will also be able to return to work as soon as possible “. At the same time FWICE President B. N Tiwari has praised this decision.


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