Xiaomi’s 200W charging will decrease battery capacity: Report | How safe you phone with this charger of Xiaomi, the company answered such questions of users


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Xiaomi recently launched HyperCharge fast charging technology for its premium smartphones. It claims that with the help of this technology, a smartphone with 4,000mAh battery will be fully charged in just 8 minutes. However, some users raised questions on this charging technology. Some of these questions were also related to the safety of the smartphone. In such a situation, now the company has answered all those questions.

80% battery life will be saved even after 800 charges
In response to this question asked about the safety of smartphones, the company confirmed that this technology is completely safe and it has been brought after a lot of research. More than 40 safety and security measures have been taken for the new charging technology. On the question related to the safety of the phone’s battery and 200W charging technology from Xiaomi, said that even after charging 800 times, the battery life of the phone remains up to 80%. It is well above the industry standard.

4000mAh battery will be fully charged in 8 minutes
With the help of HyperCharge fast charging technology, the smartphone with 4000mAh battery will be charged 50 percent in just three minutes and full charge in 8 minutes. Similarly, 120W wireless charging can charge the 4000mAh battery to 10 percent in one minute and up to 50 percent in 7 minutes. At the same time, it took 15 minutes for the battery to be fully charged with 120W wireless charging.

Flagship Mi series may enter
Xiaomi’s 120W Hyper Wireless Charging is said to be the successor to the 80W wireless charging that was launched in October last year. It takes 19 minutes to fully charge the 4000mAh battery with Xiaomi’s 80W wireless charging. It is expected that the company can offer HyperCharge technology in the new flagship device of its Mi series. Right now the Mi 11 Pro and Mi 11 Ultra come with 67W wireless charging technology.

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