Wrestling has been a part of 27 Olympic Games out of 28 held so far, this time 8 wrestlers of India achieved quota | This sport has been a part of 27 Olympic Games out of 28 held so far, this time 8 wrestlers of India achieved quota

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  • Wrestling Has Been A Part Of 27 Olympic Games Out Of 28 Held So Far, This Time 8 Wrestlers Of India Achieved Quota

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The Olympic Games have a special attraction in comparison to wrestling. Wrestling has been made a part of the Olympics 27 times in 28 events since 1896. Wrestling was out only in the 1900 Olympic Games. 8 wrestlers from India have secured the Olympic quota this time. However, Sumit Malik (freestyle 125kg) has tested positive in the dope test. Finding it difficult to participate.

Ever since human civilization, wrestling has also existed since then.
Wrestling is one of the oldest sports in the world. It can be said that since the time human civilization has existed on earth, wrestling has been going on. 15 thousand years old evidence of wrestling is available in the paintings present in the ancient caves. It is also mentioned in the Vedas as well. In the ancient Olympics, it was competed in different forms. Wrestling was also included in the first edition of the Modern Olympics (1896).

Greco-Roman and freestyle wrestling at the Olympics
Wrestling in the Olympics takes place in two styles and three categories. Freestyle and Greco-Roman are the two styles that are held in the Olympics. There are competitions in both men’s and women’s categories in freestyle. In this way, a total of 18 gold medals will be at stake in all the three categories. Women’s freestyle wrestling entered the Olympics in 2004.

These Indian wrestlers achieved quota
men freestyle

  • Ravi Kumar Dahiya (Men’s Freestyle 57kg)
  • Bajrang Punia (Men’s Freestyle 65kg)
  • Deepak Poonia (Men’s Freestyle 86kg)
  • Sumit Pehelwan (Men’s Freestyle 125kg caught in dope)

women’s freestyle

  • Seema Bisla (Women’s 50kg)
  • Vinesh Phogat (Women’s 55kg)
  • Anshu Malik (Women’s 57kg)
  • Sonam Malik (Women’s 62kg)

Bajrang Punia, Vinesh Phogat and Deepak Poonia are in the top three in the world rankings. Medals are expected from all three.

why sakshi malik is not going to olympics
Sakshi Malik won the bronze medal in women’s wrestling at the Rio Olympics. This time Sajhi lost to Sonam Malik thrice in 62 kg. For this reason, Sonam will not represent the country in this weight category.

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