Wrangling inside the group, dragging on the selection of candidates from participation in elections | Wrangling inside grouping, pulls on election selection from candidates

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  • Wrangling Inside The Group, Dragging On The Selection Of Candidates From Participation In Elections

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Aaron Rashid | Srinagar21 minutes ago

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Local people participating in the election program. Right now such events are happening in large numbers.

In the winter season, the Kashmir Valley generally remains in the headlines due to snowfall and tourism. But, this time the enthusiasts of the civic elections are overshadowing the ice cold. In these elections beginning on November 28, political clashes have intensified with the alliance of six key parties in the valley.

The alliance includes the Abdula family-led National Conference (NC), the Mufti family-led (PDP) and four other parties. The group has claimed that it has joined hands for the restoration of Articles 370 and 35-A. However, from the decision to contest the election to the statements of its leaders, it has also been engulfed in coalition disputes.

Opposing the abolition of Article 370
On 5 August 2018, when the Government of India decided to abolish Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir and make it a Union Territory instead of a state, the NC and PDP said that they will not contest elections until the situation is restored. . But, now these parties are contesting elections. Some leaders of both parties are opposing this decision.

Former NC leader Ruhullah Mehdi tweeted, ‘When Alliances could not boycott this small election, how will it boycott the main election. This election was a test from Delhi, in which we failed. At the same time, NC spokesman Imran Nabi Dar says that the coalition cannot leave the DDC open to the BJP.

Tomorrow, the BJP can claim that they have a majority approval, which is not true. In response, the leaders of the group are also showing fear of Delhi to the people. Referring to recent government orders regarding land, housing and jobs, this leader tries to instill fear in the people that if BJP gets a chance to win these elections then more such orders will be issued and in front of people There will be an existential threat. Many PDP leaders are not happy about seat sharing. They believe that NC was given a large share in these elections. The founding member of PDP and former Deputy Chief Minister Muzaffar Begh has resigned saying that the PDP has surrendered seats in areas where it had a large support base.

Despite the alliance, the constituents of the group have also raised dummy candidates in many seats. Apart from this, local leaders of NC and PDP have resigned in many places and have decided to contest free elections. Insiders say that if these candidates win, they can join the party back.

BJP did not get free pass this time like panchayat elections
After abolishing Article 370 from Kashmir, the Panchayat elections were boycotted by the Valley parties. With this, all the BJP-backed candidates won unopposed. But, this time it is not so and the BJP is sure to face a tough challenge.

In these elections, BJP is denouncing the secretive as anti-national and Kashmir. Union Minister Dr. Jitendra Singh said that the Gupta alliance should withdraw its members from Parliament if it supports the withdrawal of Article 370. He also criticized the Congress for supporting the group.


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