Worlds oldest painting found in Indonesias cave


World’s oldest painting found in Indonesia’s cave 45 thousand years ago

Archaeologists in Indonesia have unearthed the world’s oldest painting carved in the cave. According to this, a painting of wild pig has been reported 45,500 years ago inside a cave on an island in Indonesia. The painting was unearthed in a cave in South Sulawesi Island, Indonesia. The study about this has been published in the research journal ‘Science Advances’. Early archaeological evidence of the presence of humans in this area has also been mentioned in it.


Adam Brumm, a professor at Australia’s Griffith University in Australia, said, “The painting found in Leang Tedongnge cave of Sulawesi is the oldest specimen of cave artwork in the world.” He said, “This cave is in a valley which was closed due to limestone rocks from outside and the formation of a hole in the dry season created a narrow path to get there.” The living Bugis community claimed that they had never visited the cave before.

The researchers said that in Sulawesi, a large number of pig artwork is at least 45,500 years old. Earlier paintings of 43,900 years ago were discovered. Basron Burhan, an Indonesian archaeologist and researcher at Griffit University, said that this species of pig ended thousands of years ago. He said, “Such pigs were depicted on the ice age rocks on the island.”

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