Worlds First Pandemic Ready Skyscraper Begins In Miami See Video Here

The world’s first pandemic-safe building is being built in this city of America.

Developers in Florida have begun construction of the world’s first pandemic-protected skyscraper. The legacy tower will feature bacteria-killing robots, touchless technology and modern air purification systems to protect residents from future pandemics.

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According to the information, this skyscraper, which will keep people safe from the epidemic, will also have hotels and hospitals. The construction of this 55-storey building will take a budget of $ 500 million. The hotels and houses built in it will be built keeping in mind the epidemic. All facilities to protect against epidemics will also be present in this building. Like the ventilation system and many such facilities, special care will be taken. For cleaning, such robots will be used that will kill bacteria before they arise. Which will keep the building bacteria free.

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Touchless technology will be used to enter the elevator. Along with this, there will be an air purification system and there will be hospitals, so that people can get immediate medical attention if needed. All such facilities for the people will be in this building, so that they will not have to go out in any difficulty and neither the time of the people will be wasted. All facilities will be available on time. The target has been set to complete this building by 2024.

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