World Heart Day: Do Not Ignore These Symptoms, May Be A Sign Of Heart Attack

Your heart slowly signals that it is weakening.

special things

  • When the heart is weak, it gives its indication in many ways.
  • Recognize these symptoms of heart attack in time
  • Contact the doctor immediately if you feel the symptoms.

World Heart Day: There are many things to listen to, understand the heartbeat in film songs. In real life also it is very important to listen to these beats and understand their gestures. Because, when the heart is weak, it indicates it in many ways. It is important to recognize them and take the right treatment at the right time so that the risk of heart attack can be avoided. Heart attacks often do not happen suddenly. Rather, your heart slowly indicates that it is weakening. By understanding this sign, you can avoid the risk of heart attack to a great extent.

Heart Attack Symptoms | Symptoms of Heart Attack


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If you feel frequent burning or tightness in the chest, then do not ignore it as a normal merge or acidity. Contact doctor immediately.

feeling tired

Despite getting a good night’s sleep, if you feel tired throughout the day or you get tired after doing a little work, then it is a sign of weak heart. It may be that the veins of the heart are narrowing due to which one feels tired.

arm and jaw pain

If you feel pain in your arm from elbow to jaw. If you find pain in the back also, then understand that the problem can be serious. In such a situation contact the doctor without delay.


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If the breath becomes short due to a little effort, then this is also a sign of weakness of the heart. Breathing usually occurs only when there is not enough oxygen reaching the lungs. When this happens, there is an effect on the heart.

abnormal sweating

Excessive sweating or cold sweat can also be a sign of a heart attack. Do not ignore sweating as just a compulsion of the weather.

Let us tell you that all these symptoms can also be due to some other reason. But if these symptoms appear continuously or unusually, then the best way is to contact the doctor.

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