World Brain Tumor Day 2021 symptoms and causes know myths and facts of brain tumor | Sleep disturbance with morning headache is a symptom of brain tumour, it can also spread to other parts of the body; So be alert showing symptoms

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  • World Brain Tumor Day 2021 Symptoms And Causes Know Myths And Facts Of Brain Tumour

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Most people believe that brain tumors are confined to the brain only, but this is not entirely true. If this tumor turns into cancer, it can also reach the kidneys, intestines and lungs. So be alert.

In brain tumor, the symptoms can also look different in patients. The most important thing for prevention is its early symptoms. Understanding this, the risk can be reduced to a great extent.

Today is Brain Tumor Day, on this occasion, know from the experts, illusions related to brain tumor and their truth…

Myth: All types of brain tumors cause cancer.
True: Only one third of brain tumors turn into cancer, says Dr. Abhay Kumar, Head Neurosurgeon, Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital. Most brain tumors are non-cancerous, that is, they do not pose a risk of cancer. They can be completely eradicated by treating them.

Myth: Brain tumors are confined to the brain only.
True: It starts in the brain but after turning into cancer, it can reach many parts of the body. For example, it can reach the kidney, breast, lungs and intestines. Therefore, start treatment as soon as you get this information.

Myth: Brain tumors are passed down from generation to generation in family members.
True: According to Dr. Abhay, this happens from generation to generation in the family members, till now the evidence of this has not been found. It can happen to anyone at any age. Cases of brain tumors have also been found in newborns.

Myth: Mobile phones cause brain tumors.
True: Till now no such research has come out which proves that mobile phone or radiation causes brain tumours. Yes, prolonged exposure to radiation can harm health. So there is a need to be alert.

Myth: Every patient with brain tumor shows the same symptoms.
True: It is not completely true. Depending on the size and location of the brain tumor, the symptoms may also look different in different patients. Some patients do not even show its symptoms. At the same time, in some the condition becomes so bad that it becomes difficult to treat.

Confusion: Persistent headache and blurred vision are signs of a brain tumor.
True: This appearance in every patient is not a sign of brain tumor. There can be many reasons for headache, it is not right to consider it only as a symptom of brain tumor. Get tested if you feel symptoms.

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