World Alzheimers Day 2020: Never Believe These Myths Related To Alzheimers, Know The Truth From Experts!

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Alzheimer's Day: Changing your lifestyle can help slow its progress.

Special things

  • Physical activity is important for people with Alzheimer's.
  • Not all memory loss means Alzheimer's disease.
  • Alzheimer's disease can start at the age of 40 in a person.

Alzheimer's Disease Myths: World Alzheimer's Day is observed on 21 September worldwide. This day is to raise awareness of neurological status, Causes of Alzheimer's), symptoms and management. Alzheimer's disease (Alzheimer Disease) is a neurological disorder that causes problems with memory, thinking skills, and behavior. Memory loss is one of the earliest symptoms, along with a gradual decline of other intellectual and cognitive functions leading to behavioral changes. Misconceptions about the disease often hinder the way of understanding and helping affected people. Here are some myths related to Alzheimer's.

Myths associated with Alzheimer's disease Alzheimer's disease myths

Myth 1: Memory loss means Alzheimer's

Fact: Occasional memory problems, such as forgetting where you kept your car keys or the name you recently met, are unable to remember that name. Amnesia can be caused by many reasons such as lack of sleep, fatigue, insufficient hydration or too much multi-tasking effort. At such times, the brain unable to process too much data at the same time and forgetting things may be the reason. Vitamin B12 deficiency, thyroid disorder and uncontrolled diabetes can also cause short-term memory loss. Sometimes patients with severe depression also complain of memory loss, which is not real.

Memory loss is expected with aging, but it does not mean that a person has Alzheimer's. When memory loss affects daily functioning, along with a lack of judgment and reasoning, it is probably best to consult a neurologist.

Myth 2: Once Alzheimer's is diagnosed, a person's life ends.

Fact: If someone learns about Alzheimer's disease, it does not mean that life is over or you are powerless against the disease. It is possible to maintain a productive, meaningful and enjoyable years by eating a healthy diet, exercising regularly, staying socially connected, and managing stress.

Changing your lifestyle can help slow the progression of the disease, delay the onset of more severe symptoms, and preserve your life for as long as possible. It is advised to exercise regularly for walking at least four kilometers per day along with a healthy heart diet recommended by the expert. Staying socially connected – Meeting and talking to friends or chatting on social media also helps. By enjoying social activities, there can be a lot of difference in one's health and attitude.

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Myth 3: Alzheimer's is hereditary

Fact: It is often seen that members of the first degree family live in fear that they may get diseases. However, such incidents are rare, accounting for only about 5 percent of Alzheimer's cases.

Myth 4: Alzheimer's affects only older people

Fact: Alzheimer's disease can start in a person's early 40s.

Myth 5: Alzheimer's disease is curable

Fact: So far there is no cure to cure this disease. There are no proven food products or supplements that can help relieve Alzheimer's. However, consumption of 30 mg of saffron may delay memory. Medications enhance memory, but cannot prevent or reverse it.

It has also been observed that history or head injury or trauma may increase the risk of illness. Micro-strokes such as punching the boxers briefly in the head also increase the risk.

(Dr. Shamsher Dwivedi, President Neurosciences and Director Clinical Services at Women's Nayati Super Specialty Hospital, New Delhi)

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