Workout from home: 5 apps that will keep you fit mentally, physically

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Updated: April 22, 2020 7:08:43 pm

Workout from home: 5 apps that will keep you fit mentally, physically (Source: File Photo)

Lockdown is a good time to challenge yourself and build good habits. When the first 21days lockdown was announced several people took up fitness and mental health challenges and aimed to get into a healthy life. Now that the lockdown has been extended to a later date and if you’re still thinking of getting into a healthy lifecycle now is the right time.

Some would say how can one get fitter without stepping out of home? Well, when there’s a will there’s a way out for everything. If you have a smartphone — most will have of course and in fact would be reading this article on it — downloading some basic apps and motivating to be active will help. The following are some apps that you must download on your smartphone to build a healthy lifestyle this lockdown.


With work from home comes lots of stress which can often harm your mental peace, which is extremely important for everyone. A healthy mind can make you happy and for that, you must meditate at least 10 min a day. Both Google Play store and Apple App Store have many meditation apps that are free. One of the very popular meditation apps used by people these days is Headspace which not only helps users meditate efficiently but also sleep well. There are many others. A healthy mind makes the body fit which results in automatic weight loss.

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Home workout

Hours of sitting in one place to work from home can cause a lot of health problems such as back pain, obesity, and more. How can one keep themselves healthy while working from home? Well, there are several home workout apps available on both Google and Apple store for free. In fact there are apps that are dedicated to men and women separately. There are also apps that are specifically for a body part, for instance, for core or legs. We would suggest going to challenge apps that will motivate you to work out every single day without fail. There are apps like 30-days challenge.

stress eating, what is stress eating, how can you manage stress eating when working from home, indian express, indian express news Drink around 3-4 lt of water is important for the body to flush out the toxic waste. (Source: File/Getty Images/Thinkstock)

Drinking water reminder

This is very important. Drink around 3-4 lt of water is important for the body to flush out the toxic waste. We often tend to forget drinking water and that can be very harmful to the body. If you’re packed with work and miss out on drinking water download a drinking water reminder app and set a timer (for example: every 30 min) on your phone right away. There are many available in Google Play store and Apple App Store. Besides this, some smartwatches and smart bands also come with a Water drinking reminder option. If you use any of the two devices use the feature to have a better living.

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Sleep tracker

Just like drinking, sleeping for seven to eight hours a day is very important for everyone. Good sleep will lead to a healthy and happy body. If you use an Android or iPhone both Google fit and health app have a sleep tracking feature. It lets you understand your sleep cycle well — the times when you have light or deep sleep. It also shows an overview of your sleep cycle. There are other dedicated sleep trackers available on both Play store and App Store.

Step tracker

In addition to sleep trackers, step tracking is also very crucial to have a healthy body. Both Google fit and Apple health app can track steps and run. There are similar apps available on Play store and App Store for free to download.

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