Work from home: These tips can help you work efficiently with kids at home

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Published: April 23, 2020 5:29:59 pm

Here is a list of five points that the guide focuses on increasing parents productivity while working from home. (Source: Getty/Thinkstock)

The COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic has hit the world hard with most countries such as India, the US, UAE implementing a complete lockdown. Due to the lockdown, most of us are working from homes that pose challenges varying from people to people. For bachelors, it is easier to work from home as they do not have many distractions however for couples with kids at home the story is different. It gets difficult for parents to control kids and engage them is different activities at home.

To help manage kids and work at the same time, Microsoft has come out with an internal work-from-home as a parent guide for its employees. The tech company feels that the guide will be able to help its customers in increasing their productivity. Here is a list of five pointers that the guide highlights on increasing parents productivity while working from home.

The ‘new normal’ is not normal

The guide states that there is no hint on when people will be able to return to their normal lives with kids at schools and parents at their office work desk. This makes most of us feel anxious. Microsoft suggests that during this time people should remember to put their health and family first. The guide states that one must not try to be the “best parents and the best employees” right now. The idea should be to get through this moment healthy.

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Flexible planning

The first thing in the morning that one must do is plan a day. Dividing shifts between you and your partner to handle children and to work is a good practice. In such a scenario do not be stubborn, when your partner has an important meeting to attend. Be flexible and change shifts for that day accordingly.

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When you are looking after a child it often gets difficult to work properly and give your maximum attention to office work. For this, Microsoft states that one needs to rethink work hours and priorities work. Shifting work hours to when you can work without being disturbed, like in the morning or in the night, when your children are asleep is a good idea. Another thing that you need to do is to prioritise your work so that you finish the most important work on time.

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Communicate with team and co-workers

If deciding to shift your work hours or are not telling when you are not available, it makes it difficult for your team and co-workers to function properly. Communicating is the key in work from home. It helps everyone know what you are doing and when you are available for work. This makes work done without any hassle.

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The guidelines state that you should communicate about everything you are doing and when you are available or not via multiple ways like emails, messages, calendar and more. This will allow everyone to work synchronously during these unprecedented times.

A new approach to Meetings

The guidelines state that you do not always have to be in front of your PC to attend meetings. You can simply head out for a walk with your kids or keep an eye on them while they play inside the house with your phone camera switched off. You can even multi-task and perform actions like setting up a quick snack for the kids while you attend a meeting.

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