Woman Funny Video Returning to Office After Dip In Infection Rate Users Find Reliable See Viral Video


When the office opening match arrived, the female employee said- ‘I will not be able to live like this now’

Last year, as Coronavirus Lockdown shut down offices and public transport, many companies made the sudden transition to work from home. As a result, millions of professionals have been working comfortably in their homes for almost a year now. Work from home has made people’s lives easier.

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However, with the roll-out of Covid Vaccine and the decline in infection rates, many offices have reopened. Many people are not happy to say goodbye to the many benefits of working from home. A female employee (Unhappy Employee) has shared the video (Viral Video), expressing the sadness of opening the office. Seeing this video, you too will laugh and laugh. Instagram user Harjas Sethi posted a funny video last week in which he told that his office has decided to re-open and asked the employees to return. As soon as she says this, she says, ‘My soul is shivering.’

The girl further says, ‘I want to ask them. Why do you have to do that. Everyone’s life is going well. Revenue is increasing. Money is being saved. Why are poor people kicking on the stomach of the poor. My dark circles have just gone. There was a little charm in my life. Now you are doing this. I have packed the jeans and the rest of the clothes. It has become a habit to live life in pajamas. Now it has become my habit. If the lion has got blood in his mouth, then it will not be possible. People who are saying that we are missing the office a lot. Making someone else that stupid.

Finally, she requests her boss not to fire them by watching this video. This video, shared a week ago, went viral on Instagram. This video has also been shared on Twitter.

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This post was shared a few hours ago. Which has got more than a million views and got around 3,000 ‘likes’. PayTM founder Vijay Shekhar Sharma has also reacted. Several Twitter users said in the comments section that they found the video quite relatable.


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