Woman forced to carry covid 19 positive husband dead body in E Rickshaw


The woman’s husband died of corona.

Special things

  • Woman’s husband died due to corona
  • Forced to take the dead body in an e-rickshaw
  • Corona cases are not stopping in UP


In Firozabad in Uttar Pradesh (Uttar Pradesh Covid 19), a case of sacrificing human sentiments has come up. Here a woman’s husband died of coronavirus. The woman took her husband’s body from an e-rickshaw as she did not have money for an ambulance. A video of this has also surfaced. The woman’s son alleges that his father neither got a bed nor was treated at the hospital. He told that the ambulance driver also demanded a lot of money to carry the body.

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In that shocking video, the woman is seen sitting on the e-rickshaw, holding the husband’s body. The body has also been tied so that it did not fall. Most corona patients are dying due to lack of beds, oxygen and medicines in hospitals. Many of its videos are becoming viral on social media.

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Patients are wandering rate-by-step for oxygen and medicines. In Noida last Saturday, a 35-year-old Corona-infected woman died in a government hospital parking lot. The family of the woman kept pleading for a bed in the hospital. In Agra, a woman was seen giving her husband breath through an auto-rickshaw. The woman’s husband died at the hospital gate itself.

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In Agra itself, a man had taken his father’s body to the funeral pyre and tied it on top of the car as no ambulance was empty in the city. Many such shocking videos will be seen on your social media every day in your timeline. People are asking for help for their loved ones on these platforms, some are succeeding and some are forced to kneel before this ‘system’.

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