Winters 2020; What Are The Symptoms Of Your Iron Being Low? Fruits and Vegetables High in Iron | Symptoms of anemia due to excess cold, lack of iron, learn 4 ways to boost it


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The winter season has arrived. The world is already battling Coronavirus. In this case, we need to be more cautious this time. Coronavirus has caused the most damage to our immune system. Like calcium and vitamins in the body, iron is also important. Which makes our immune system strong. According to experts, there is also a shortage of iron in the winter.

Nidhi Pandey, a dietician from Raipur, says that iron has a direct connection to our health. Lack of proper diet can cause iron deficiency in the body. This may cause anemia. You can boost your body’s iron level by keeping the diet right during the winter season. Lack of iron in the body can also cause serious diseases.

What is anemia?

  • Sometimes we feel cold more than others. Lack of iron in the body is considered to be the biggest reason for this.
  • Tissues, muscles and organisms work properly, this requires oxygen. With the help of blood, oxygen reaches all parts of the body. There is iron inside the red blood cell, which acts to connect oxygen to the blood.
  • If the amount of iron in the body will be less, then you will feel cold. This increases the risk of catching diseases. Anemia occurs only when hemoglobin levels are low. Due to which we have to face problems like laziness, dizziness and headache.

Why is iron important?

  • The body needs minerals regularly. Iron is one of these minerals. Iron is most important in making hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is an iron-rich protein in the blood cell, which serves to deliver oxygen to every part of the body. For this reason, take iron in daily diet.
  • In addition, iron helps the lungs to filter out carbon dioxide from the body. Iron is not only necessary for health, but it is also necessary for our organs like lungs. By taking care of some things, we can maintain the required level of iron in the body.

4 ways to overcome iron deficiency

1: Iron is found in vegetables

Include green leafy vegetables in your diet to meet iron deficiency. Iron is found in plenty in vegetables. Our focus should be more on seasonal vegetables. In addition, include as much organic food as possible. Avoid using more oil and spices in vegetables.

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2: fruit and dry fruit are also sources of iron

Start eating fruits and dry fruits to meet iron deficiency. Some fruits are rich in iron. Iron levels in the body can be boosted by using them as salads and snacks.

3: grain will get iron

Increase the amount of fiber in your food to meet iron deficiency. Iron is high in grains. So use grains in your body.

4. Take special care of these things too


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