Will go on hunger strike in Delhi on the issue of farmers: Anna Hazare – will go on hunger strike in Delhi on farmers issue: Anna Hazare


Social worker Anna Hazare (file photo)


Social activist Anna Hazare on Thursday wrote a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and reiterated his decision that “he will do a final hunger strike in late January on the issue of farmers in Delhi”. But amidst the ongoing agitation by various farmer organizations, Hazare has written this letter. Hazare later told reporters that the new agricultural laws are not in line with “democratic values” and that public participation is necessary in drafting the bills. Hazare (83) said without giving a date that he would start fasting by the end of the month.

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On December 14 last year, Hazare wrote a letter to Union Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar and warned that he would go on hunger strike if his demands were not met, including the recommendations of the MS Swaminathan Committee on Agriculture. He has also demanded to provide autonomy to the Commission for agricultural costs and prices. Hazare said, “I have corresponded five times with the Center (on the issue of farmers) but no response has come.” The worker has said that he had written four letters for permission from the authorities concerned for his hunger strike at Ramlila Maidan in Delhi but not a single response came.

Hazare, the leading face of the anti-corruption campaign in 2011, reminded that when he started a hunger strike at Ramlila Maidan, the then UPA government had to call a special session of Parliament. He said, “In that session, you and your senior minister (BJP was in opposition at that time) praised me but now you are not fulfilling them despite giving written assurances on the demands.” A local news later Talking with the channel, Hazare said on the farmers’ movement on the borders of Delhi that people should be involved in the process of drafting laws. He said, “These (agricultural) laws are not in conformity with democratic values. If the government allows people’s participation in drafting the law, then it will be able to make such laws as the people want.


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