Why did Syed Ali Shah Geelani say goodbye to the Hurriyat Conference? This is the story behind the scenes – Why did Syed Ali Shah Geelani say goodbye to the Hurriyat Conference? This is the story behind the scenes


According to a report by the Union Home Ministry, Gilani blames Pakistan for the "downfall" of the movement in the Kashmir Valley. Whereas Pakistan, which had been dependent on him for years, made it clear that he (Gilani) underlined its usefulness.

Pakistan has changed its strategy after repealing Article 370 last year. A senior official handling the Pakistan desk in the ministry said that "the focus of ISI is no longer for Kashmiris but pan-Islamic." And for this, they want a leader who does not question them and only obeys their dictates. ''

A senior home ministry bureaucrat told NewsBust "We knew this would happen because Geelani was constantly being sidelined by the ISI and Pakistan." Officials said that the reaction of separatists to the special status system has baffled Pakistan.

Avinash Mohanne, who has been watching the Kashmir desk in the IB for more than a decade and also in Pakistan, told NewsBust that "Pakistan was hopeful that Kashmiris would rebel against the Indian state after abolishing Article 370 of the Center, nothing." It happened. Gilani hoped that Pakistan would raise the issue internationally, but nothing happened and the two became disenchanted with each other. Now both are blaming each other. "

State police chief Dilbag Singh told NewsBust that "one of Geelani's letters was eye-opening. He admitted that his path was wrong."

Intelligence reports say that Gilani was also troubled by the misuse of funds by other separatist leaders. He was also not keen on Hurriyat convenor GM Safi in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir, as he was accused of money laundering. Gilani then chose Abdullah Gilani against the wishes of many in the Hurriyat. But it seems that a month ago there was protest against Abdullah in ISI, so ISI selected Mohammad Hussain Khatib as the convenor. ” One officer said, "Geelani saw this as an insult because he was not consulted."

Former DGP's Rajendra says that "Geelani resigned due to his arrogance. After three decades of espionage, separatism, Gilani has realized that Pakistan was only interested in pushing the Kashmiris towards catastrophe. Is busy targeting The Hurriyat's influence on youth is gradually diminishing. The base of Gilani's support had also weakened over the years as the appeal of his call was also lost. He cannot change his pro-Pak stance.

The head of an intelligence agency said, "Pakistan used to support Gilani blindly and that is why he did not allow any other separatist leaders to grow in the valley." Although Geelani's successors will not make an impact, there will be increased isolation in the valley in the coming years. He said, because the new puppets left by Pakistan will have to compete with each other in adopting a strict stance.


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