Why did Nitish Kumar warn those opposing his candidate, I will do bad things .. – Why Nitish Kumar warns those opposing his candidate, will give bad condition ..



Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar generally ignores the protesters in his meeting, as he realizes that such people get a lot of media space. In support of Virendra Kumar, when he was completing his formal garland after campaigning, some people opposed him on the question of jobs. Nitish Kumar suddenly lost his temper and said, “Don’t give up, you are fifteen or twenty people, there are thousands of people here.”

He asked his supporters to raise their hands again and said to the opponents, “Look, look, hey look no, look back side by side no, see … you guys will understand. For which tax You are, all these people will give a complete answer to you people and will correct the condition of those people, they will give bad condition. “

After saying so much, Nitish again said, “You guys have clarified, so what should you wear the garland of victory?” Then he garlanded the candidate Anand Kumar and named the candidates of the other districts present on the stage and then garnered other candidates for victory with the permission of the public. But his supporters on the stage were also surprised by Nitish’s reaction.

Actually, Janata Dal United candidate Virendra Kumar, who has been a friend of Nitish’s college era, had a lot of complaints about missing out of the area after he became an MLA on Rashtriya Janata Dal ticket. Therefore, this time JDU workers are not very enthusiastic about his candidature and in the same background, Nitish Kumar had a program to address the gathering on Saturday.

But he too got the idea that his victories are not so easy.


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