Why corona virus caused pneumonia becomes fatal, scientists find out the reason – why corona pneumonia becomes fatal, scientists find out why


Covid-19 Virus damages kidneys, brain, heart and other organs. (Symbolic)

new Delhi:

Scientists have solved the mystery of why pneumonia (Corona virus caused pneumonia) becomes fatal in serious patients of Kovid-19. Researchers have analyzed lung immunity cells sequentially and compared them to pneumonia sufferers. According to scientists, this shows that Corona virus How and why the infection spreads more quickly.

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According to the study published in the journal ‘Nature’. Corona virus 9 penetrates many small parts instead of rapidly infecting large parts of the lungs. Immunity cells are captured and spread in the respiratory tract over a period of a few days or weeks. Coronas infection causes considerable damage according to researchers, as it slowly spreads to the lungs and the patient continues to have fever. This reduces blood pressure. Kidney, brain, heart and other organs of the patient are also damaged.

Experts, including scientists at Northwestern University in the US, said that the reason for the more complication of pneumonia in Kovid-19 is the longer the infection or disease is more severe than it is. He analyzed the lung fluids of 86 Kovid-19 patients on ventilators. He compared it to the lung fluid of 256 patients present on ventilators suffering from various types of pneumonia.

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