Why BJP leaders protest in villages of western Uttar Pradesh, know the whole matter – Why BJP leaders protest in villages of western Uttar Pradesh? Know the whole matter


When RLD president Ajit Singh arrived to meet farmers in Soram village of Muzaffar Nagar today, a huge rush of angry farmers gathered with him. Yesterday, farmers were beaten up by slogans after Minister Sanjeev Baliyan came here. In the panchayat held here, Ajit Singh demanded an FIR against Balian.

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Chaudhary Ajit Singh, president of RLD, said, “After all, when a minister comes, won’t the farmers ask him when our sugarcane price will be received?” Why do they need to be angry with him? And if they won’t answer. Brother, if you do wrong things in politics, everyone will do Zindabad-Murdabad. Slogans will be raised. Does this mean that you will beat them? You listen Give this answer Satisfy people, talk to people.

Farmer Bittu of Soram village alleges that the minister’s supporters brought lathi-sticks with him, who attacked the farmers. Farmer Bittu said, “Dropped Vivek in a jeep, took Yogesh … hit him with a pistol .. shot him.” Bittu said, “He hit my housewife thrice. She fell down with a shock. We came from there Then escaped from the house. Teared one’s head.

Sanjeev Ballian is an MP from Muzaffarnagar itself. He says that he went to someone’s ritual turban. There RLD people shouted slogans, which the villagers beaten and drove away.

Union Minister Sanjeev Baliyan said, “He was an activist of the Identified Rashtriya Lok Dal”. He was asked if your people were also injured. He said, “Look, I came from there. I had to go to another village. It is definitely a stampede that came out, when we came, they were beaten up and the villagers drove them away from there.

On arrival of Sanjeev Baliyan in Bhainswal village of Shamli, farmers shouted slogans against him. The government has given him the job of persuading the farmers. They are slogans calling the peasants of power-backed people as terrorists, Khalistani.

Farmers Union president Savit Malik said, “Until the three black laws are withdrawn, MSP will not be guaranteed.” Our sugarcane price will not be received, there will be no payment on time. The cases filed against the farmers have not been returned till then it will be difficult for these people to enter the village.

When Sanjeev went to meet Chaudhary Baba Harikishan of Gathwala Khap in Lisan village in Balian Shamli, he also faced opposition there. Chaudhary Baba Harikshan said, “You are not … You are not … You are a slave. Why don’t you do your unity They will rub the knee. Earn your joga and eat. What will the government do for you? Can not do anything? Do nothing .. create unity and go nowhere. ”

In Keserwa village of Shamli too many farmers are angry with the BJP. Here they have taken out a procession carrying banners with anti-BJP slogans. In this village, he has also put up posters against BJP leaders.

Rajendra Jaiswal of Kesarwankalan village said, “It is a simple matter that we will protest against any BJP leader coming to our village Kesarvan.” The obvious thing would be opposition. The leader who will be with us is fine. The one who will support the farmers is fine. We will not support anyone who does not support.

A huge Kisan Panchayat was held on 17 February at Bhilari in Moradabad. Angry farmers in the panchayat announced that in the upcoming panchayat elections, only those leaders who are with the farmers movement will be able to come to the village.

Chaudhary Harpal Singh, president of the Bharatiya Kisan Union (Asli) said, “We are saying that whichever candidate is from any party, I will give in writing that I support this movement and I oppose these bills. And if you do not give in writing, we will close its entry there. We are calling on people to stop their entry. ”


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