WHO team will go to China to find out the origin of coronavirus covid 19 – Coronavirus spread from Wuhan, WHO team going to China to find out


The WHO team is going to China. (File photo)

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  • Was Coronavirus spread from Wuhan?
  • WHO team is going to China
  • China’s experts will also go to Wuhan


China (China) said on Monday that the World Health Organization (WHO) group of experts will come here on Thursday to investigate the origin of the coronavirus which has taken the form of an epidemic. Along with this, the situation of indecision and delay in allowing the tour will end. Official news channel CGTN quoted China National Health Commission as saying that experts from the World Health Organization will visit China on January 14. He will go to Wuhan, where the cases of this infection were first reported in December of 2019.

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Beijing, questioning broad ideas about the origin of the coronavirus in Wuhan, delayed allowing a 10-member team of experts to visit. National Health Commission (NHC) Deputy Chief Jeng Yishin told the media on January 9 that the timing of the team’s arrival in Wuhan is still being considered.

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Zeng said that China and WHO have agreed to special arrangements for investigation in four video conferences. Along with the team coming to investigate, experts from China will also go to Wuhan. Earlier, WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Gebreyes criticized Beijing for not giving necessary permissions to a team of experts.

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