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Which Tulsi Plant Is Auspicious For Home Rama Or Shyama Know As Per Vastu Shastra – Tulsi

By Shivani Kapoor - June 23, 2022

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Tulsi: In Tulsi, along with Lord Vishnu, Goddess Lakshmi is also considered to be abode.

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  • It is believed that the abode of God is in Tulsi.
  • Shyama Tulsi is dedicated to Lord Krishna.
  • Tulsi should be planted in the house on this day.

Tulsi: According to the beliefs of Hindu religion, God resides in Tulsi, which is why people plant this plant in their home and courtyard. Also, considering the Tulsi plant to be revered, people worship it in the morning and evening. It is said that by giving water in Tulsi every morning and lighting a lamp under it in the evening, Maa Lakshmi resides in the house. On the other hand, according to Vastu Shastra, Tulsi plant (Tulsi in Home) brings happiness and prosperity along with transmitting positive energy in the house. Two types of Tulsi have been described – one is Rama Tulsi and the other is Shyama Tulsi. Let us know according to Vastu, which Tulsi plant is auspicious and auspicious to plant in the house. Also, on which day should it be applied at home?

Rama Tulsi | Rama Tulsi

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From the point of view of Vastu Shastra, both Rama and Shyama Tulsi have their own importance in the house. According to Vastu, any one of these two can be installed in the house. The Tulsi plant whose leaves are green is called Rama or Ujjwal Tulsi. The leaves of Rama Tulsi are mildly sweet. The leaves of this basil are used in worship. Also, applying it in the house increases happiness and prosperity.

Never plant Tulsi in this direction of the house, otherwise you may have to face the displeasure of Mother Lakshmi

Shyama Tulsi | Shyama Tulsi

The leaves of Shyama Tulsi are purple or black in color. Because of this it is called Shyama Tulsi. It is also known as Krishna Tulsi. Actually it is believed that this Tulsi is related to Lord Krishna. Because the leaves of this Tulsi are similar to the color of Shri Krishna. This Tulsi is also considered good in Ayurveda.

On which day to plant Rama or Shyama Tulsi is auspicious. Auspicious Day to plant Rama or Shyama Tulsi

According to religious beliefs, applying Shyama or Rama Tulsi on any Thursday of Kartik month is considered most auspicious and auspicious. Therefore, on this auspicious day, a Tulsi plant should be planted in the house.

Water is given daily in Tulsi, so never do this work, otherwise there may be heavy loss instead of profit

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