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Where To Put Art For Sale Online?

By Vansh Sangwan - December 2, 2019

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Isn’t it fascinating to create an exquisite piece of art? I know the ecstatic feeling because I am attached to it. Artists feel that sublime mix of excitement and euphoria when they finish a piece of art. So, when the same artwork is covered with dust, lying in the corner of your studio, waiting to be sold, that’s calamitous. A lot of artists complain to the world that there are few people who can actually understand the real essence of art, which keeps the artworks away from the deserved recognition.  

I don’t agree.

In today’s world, if you are a talented artist and not able to sell your work, it’s your fault. Today, artworks are accessible to millions of people across the globe. Art lovers and collectors are able to explore and purchase works of artists sitting in their home. Along with this, there are multiple mediums and alternatives available on the web today that can offer art lovers convenience and affordable paintings, artefacts, sculptures, etc.

Hence, as an artist, you need to harness this limitless potential that the online world has and maximize it earn a handsome profit for yourself. Of course, there are certain bottlenecks in putting up art for sale online. One of the toughest tasks is to bring your talent in front of the people who are in pursuit of such art pieces. Imagine how demoralising it would be if you have already developed a website and isn’t able to find the audience for it. So, here are a few intriguing ways using which you can sell your artworks online easily:

Online Galleries

While the traditional methodology of selling art was confined to the brick walls of art galleries, museums, and exhibitions, the modern world of digitalization and the internet has a lot of promising possibilities for the artists. An artist had to pay a good percentage (generally 40-60%) of the sales price when the piece was sold at a brick & mortar gallery.

What if, you could sell your beautiful paintings and hardly had to share the sale percentage? Wouldn’t it be amazing? Well, online art galleries have emerged as a saviour for the artists who were previously struggling to find a representation of their artworks. These online brands are known to showcase the work of artists to the relevant audience. As an artist, online galleries are a perfect way to put up art for sale online in front of the people who are actively looking to purchase paintings.

Art Marketplaces

Digitalization has proved to be very effective for the art lovers who don’t have enough money to spare. Different art marketplaces have emerged that have empowered artists to showcase their work. Places such as Etsy, Artsy, etc have provided an excellent platform for both the artists and the art lovers to not just trade artworks but also to interact with each other. Artists like you can directly communicate with the people who purchase your pieces. Newbie artists can start their business with these marketplaces as these mediums charge a mere 3-5% commission of the selling price.

Do It Yourself

Though many art daises are available on the web for the artists to display their work, nothing can match the credibility a fully functioning and a well-optimized website offers. Artists can put up their websites where visitors can come and admire your talent. These websites are not even complicated to put up as service apps like Squarespace, WordPress, etc are available to ease your work. Without even spending money you can set up a website that will provide you a genuine authentication as an artist.


As said, the boom of digitalization is rapidly increasing the spectrum of artworks that are sold in the market. Not just the original paintings but the digital prints of the former is also in high demand among the art lovers today. And so a number of prints on demand websites have emerged. Artists can sell their work online on these websites by just uploading a high quality image of the artworks. Rest of the things are duly taken care by these websites and you can get on back making more paintings. The superior grade prints of your paintings will be depicted on different kinds of stuff like phone cases, t-shirts, pillows, coffee mugs, etc.

Social Media

This is again, a utopia for artists looking to earn name and money through their work. Social media has become the artists’ favourite approach to get their work exposed to a larger and relevant audience looking to buy such artworks. The potential of connecting and communicating with people who are interested in your work makes social media a must-have for artists like you. There are people on the social media who will not buy your work but will help you get your work to the right buyer.

Although many artists do not like the idea of using social media to market their talent I would like to tell you that through this you cannot just put up art for sale online but also can make lasting relationships with affluent art collectors. Platforms like Instagram and Pinterest are best for setting up your profile as your virtual studio whereas Facebook and Twitter can help you to connect with the people who would like to read, blend, communicate, and purchase your beautiful paintings.

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