When The Earthquake Hits In 2001 In Gujarat Narendra Modi First Inquiry About Vadnagar's Kirti Toran Safety Instead Of Family | When the earthquake struck, Narendra Modi first asked the family about the 'Toran' of Vadnagar; Elder brother told, this is the kind of love of Modi

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Somabhai, elder brother of Narendra Modi, at the old age home of Vadnagar.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has always given importance to Watan before family. This is to say of his elder brother Somabhai, who runs an old age home in Badnagar, Gujarat. Dainik NewsBust India's team arrived to talk to him. Despite being the Prime Minister's brother, he lives with great simplicity. They were sitting there on a simple bed in a small room. There were four chairs next to it. When we introduced ourselves to him, he greeted us with love. Here we are presenting a special conversation with his brother on Modi's birthday …

A terrible earthquake struck Gujarat on 26 January 2001. The villages here were over. At that time our family was in different places in Gujarat. I used to live in Vadnagar and so the family was worried about me. I tried hard to talk to the son and daughter-in-law, but could not talk to them. Finally I called Narendra.

I told him that there was a terrible earthquake in Gujarat and no one in the family could be contacted. Narendra Modi said as soon as I spoke so much that 'Torana' is safe in Vadnagar or not? Actually, the main identity of Vadnagar is the ancient 'Torana' here. So now you can guess how Modi will love his country. Who is worried about the heritage of his birth place more than his family.

Somabhai wept talking about Modi's love for Vadnagar
Narendra Modi's love for Vadnagar is still as unbreakable as it used to be in childhood. Due to this, today Vadnagar is different. Somabhai had tears in his eyes while talking about old Vadnagar. He said that look at Vadnagar today, see the roads here. Narendra Modi has realized the resolve to develop Vadnagar. Along with education, the matter of Vadnagar is also being talked about in the field of health. The street streets here are paved. Not only this, many annual festivals held here have become big sources of employment.

People got enriched by the development of Vadnagar
Normally, Narendra Modi's family stays away from the media and even elder brother Somabhai is not untouched by it. However, he openly shared many interesting things with us. He said that whatever is in Vadnagar today is due to Modi. Due to the continuous development of Vadnagar, people here have become prosperous now.



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