Whatsapp New Privacy Policy Implemented | All You Need To Know | Those numbers are also visible in the contact list of WhatsApp, which you have never saved, the company is showing the payment feature above.

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You wake up in the morning. Check your WhatsApp account. Messages from some unknown numbers appear in it. Messages from insurance companies are also visible. In this case you get a slight shock. If these messages start coming continuously, then you may also get upset. These messages are coming from numbers that are not saved in your contact list. Actually, this is happening with many users due to the new policy of WhatsApp.

By the way, you must remember the new policy of WhatsApp. On which there was a lot of controversy a few months back. WhatsApp wanted to forcefully impose this policy on all users. However, he later said that until the data protection bill becomes law, we will not force users to adopt our privacy policy.

Since now the reflection of the new policy of WhatsApp has started happening on your account, then what can be the harm to you, let us know.

You will get business related messages

If you have agreed to WhatsApp’s policy, then you will get such messages on your WhatsApp. See you everyday and will keep seeing you. These will include unknown numbers, sometimes there will be messages from companies like Paisa Bazar. The arrival of these messages shows that WhatsApp is sharing your number with users with its business account. Simply your number is being sold.

understand with an example
A WhatsApp user receives a message from Paisabazaar on his phone. A bank’s credit card is being offered in this message. Also a link is given. As soon as you click on the link, the option to take the credit card of that bank along with your phone number opens. As soon as you verify your number, the bank will ask you to complete the remaining formalities. During this process, the bank and other personal details of the user are also reaching the third party.

Similarly, a message from a General Physician comes. In which the treatment of patients of sugar and stones is said. The doctor’s numbers are also written in the message.

WhatsApp payment notification also started coming
WhatsApp users have now started getting notifications to activate the payment option. That is, when you open WhatsApp, then this option appears at the top. To say that the company is also giving a cross in it, which can be closed by touching it. When it comes in front of the eyes again and again, then it starts feeling like touching it.

What happens after that?

The payment screen opens in front of you, in which the option of new payment comes. On the next screen, WhatsApp will tell you how many people in your contact list are using WhatsApp Payments. On the next screen it will ask you to add your bank. This is the same process as you would have done on Paytm, PhonePe, Google Pay or any other digital payment platform. That is, even if you do not want to, you can connect to WhatsApp Payment.

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