WhatsApp new animated stickers | How to use new WhatsApp animated stickers follow these 7 steps | To make WhatsApp chat with animated stickers more interesting, only 7 steps to follow to use


  • WhatsApp has started rolling out new animated stickers for Android and iOS devices.
  • Once the stickers are downloaded in the mobile app, they also appear in its desktop version.

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Jul 12, 2020, 04:18 PM IST

new Delhi. The company is doing new experiments daily to make WhatsApp chat interesting. Now WhatsApp has started rolling out new animated stickers for its Android and iOS users. The new animated stickers will appear on the in-app stickers store along with a regular sticker pack. However, there is a play button with them, which makes them different from Railugar stickers. Both Android and iOS users will be able to use them.
WhatsApp has rolled out animated stickers such as Rico's Sweet Life, Playful Piyomaru, Bright Days, Moody Foodies, and Chummy Chum Chums, which can be used on smartphones as well as desktops.

Animated stickers will work in the new version only

A few days ago the company informed about the rollout of animated stickers via Twitter. If you also want to see or use these new animated stickers, then make sure that your WhatsApp is working on the latest version. The new animated stickers will only work on Android's WhatsApp version v2.20194.16 and iOS's WhatsApp v2.20.70.

To use animated stickers in WhatsApp chat follow this steps-

1. Open the chat window of the people you want to send animated stickers to.

2. Click on the emoji icon at the bottom of the chat section, where you have to choose the option of stickers. At the very end of the sticker section, you will see the '+' icon, tap on it.

3. After this, the built-in sticker store will open, listing new animated stickers packs.

4. Now you will be able to see that the new animated sticker pack has been added to the 'All Stickers' list, which comes with the Play button. This play button makes them different from regular stickers.

5. Now click on the pack you want to download and watch.

6. After previewing the stickers, click on the 'Download' option to download the stickers.

7. After this, the downloaded stickers will be included in your stickers section, which you will be able to use in your chat.

These animated stickers play only once in the chat, scrolling the chat to play again. Once you download the stickers in the mobile app, it also appears in its desktop version. However, there is no option to download stickers on WhatsApp's desktop.


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