WhatsApp full page newspaper ads amid row over Privacy Concerns – Dispute on WhatsApp privacy policy, clarification through advertisement in newspapers


WhatsApp is a Facebook-owned messaging app. (File photo)

new Delhi:

Facebook There is a lot of controversy about the privacy policy of WhatsApp (WhatsApp), a messaging service owned by (Facebook). On Tuesday, WhatsApp clarified that the recent change in policy will not affect the privacy or privacy of your messages made with friends or family. WhatsApp has once again advertised this morning (Wednesday) on the front page of several big newspapers, titled ‘WhatsApp honors and protects your privacy.’ On the other hand, social media users are targeting WhatsApp with these advertisements.

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On Twitter, many users have targeted WhatsApp by taking a picture of the front page of newspapers. Users are tight-lipped about advertisements on newspapers for cleaning by WhatsApp. One user wrote that the digital platform WhatsApp has to resort to print medium to clarify the privacy policy.

WhatsApp cleaning up privacy controversy: “Chat safe with friends and family”

PayTm founder Vijay Shekhar Sharma also targeted these ads on WhatsApp, calling it a double attitude of the company. He has taunted WhatsApp about the company’s parameters in India and Europe.


A lot of memes are also going viral on WhatsApp’s privacy policy on social media. On the other hand, due to this controversy, a large number of people have also uninstalled WhatsApp. People are downloading the messaging app Telegram and Signal. Let it be said that WhatsApp has clarified in its advertisement that the new policy will not affect the privacy or privacy of users’ messages. It has been said on behalf of WhatsApp, ‘Respect for your privacy has been filled in our DNA.

VIDEO: WhatsApp clarified on questions arising about users’ privacy


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