WhatsApp for iPhone Updates With New Calling Interface | iPhone users will get Facetime-like experience during calling, adding people also became easier

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WhatsApp is constantly updating new features according to the need of the user. The company also takes care of better interfaces during chatting and calling. Now the company has released a new interface to improve the calling experience of iPhone users. The new calling interface looks like Apple’s FaceTime. The new update will be available to iPhone users on version 2.21.140.

After the new update, all the people who are on the call will be shown to everyone. Not only this, during calling, other users can be added with the help of swipe menu. If a user does not accept the call, he can be called again. Changes have also been made in the interface for group calling. Now the user will get new buttons and controls.

The sticker suggestion will be shown to the users
The update to WhatsApp on iPhone will also change the behavior of archive chats. That is, archive chat will now remain archived and mute even when a new message arrives. However, for this, the company has given the option that the user can change the setting of his archived chats. The user has to go to Settings > Chats > Keep Chats Archived. With the new update, users will be shown a sticker suggestion when they are writing a message.

Features will not be available to all users
According to WhatsApp, new features will be released gradually for iPhone users. Because of this, all the users will not get these features simultaneously even after the new update. WhatsApp can be downloaded for free from the App Store. This requires iOS version 10 or higher on the iPhone.

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