What type of petition is this: SC on plea seeking seeking law to control black magic, forceful religious conversions


BJP leader and lawyer Ashwani Upadhyay filed a petition

New Delhi:

Religion change And black magic The Supreme Court was angry at the petition filed against (Black Magic). The Supreme Court said what kind of petition is this? We will impose a fine on you. This is a petition to cause harm. After the displeasure of the Supreme Court, the petitioner has withdrawn the petition. A petition was filed in the Supreme Court, demanding a ban on superstition, black magic and illegal and forced conversions.

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Justice RF Nariman said, “Why cannot a person above 18 years of age be allowed to choose his religion? That is why the term propaganda is used in the Constitution.” In this petition, the Central Government and the State Governments were asked to give instructions to stop the practice of illegal conversion and black magic. BJP leader and lawyer Ashwani Upadhyay has filed this petition.

The petition said that forcible conversion and the use of black magic for this should be banned. Sama, daam, dand, bhed are being used for conversion. All this is happening every week across the country which needs to be stopped. The victims of such conversions are poor people, most of them socially and economically backward and especially belonging to SC and ST class. In this way, superstition, black magic and illegal conversion violate Articles 14, 21 and 25 of the Constitution.

The petition states that it interferes with the right to equality, right to life and right to religious freedom. Our constitution is secular and it is an integral part of the constitution and the above conversion and practice of black magic etc. is also against the secular principle.

The petition states that Article 25 gives the right to religious freedom. It states that all citizens have equal right to practice their religion and practice religious. It determines that public order, morality and health should not be adversely affected. In such a situation, it is clear that no conversion or conversion can be done by using money force in any way and if seen in this way then acts like superstition and black magic are not within the scope of religious freedom.

Also, the petition states that the government is also bound by international law under which it is the duty of the state (government) to protect every citizen and maintain their religious freedom.


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