What the government is unable to explain to its allies, what do farmers … Sachin Pilot – What the government cannot explain to its allies to the farmers …: Sachin Pilot


Pilot is organizing public meetings under the ‘Save the country – Save the country’ campaign.


Former Deputy Chief Minister of Rajasthan Sachin Pilot targeted the central government over agricultural laws. He said that the laws made by the government in arrogance should be withdrawn in the interest of the farmers of the country. The pilot has organized Farmers Protest across the country and for the last one and a half months in this harsh cold, countless farmers have been staging and trying to convince their demand in Gandhian way.

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He said that 9 rounds of talks have been held with the government but it was fruitless. The intention of the government is not to draw results. She just wants to make the farmers tired. This is a one-sided action of the central government, which the farmers are opposing. Addressing farmers in Tonk, the pilot said that today our effort is to gather 24 political parties in the country to support those farmers. This is not a political demand, in view of the future of farmers and their interest, the whole country has vowed to withdraw the three laws from the government.


Pilot said that the support price is not mentioned in these laws. The government intends to make farmers a kind of laborer on their land. Hence his own constituent party (Akali Dal) which was part of the government, his minister resigned, withdrawing support. The National Democratic Front, which was part of the NDA, withdrew support. The Congress leader said that why is it that the government is unable to convince its allies to the members of its cabinet. What will she explain to the farmers. If the farmers are opposing them by playing on their lives, then I think the truth is there in this, but it is the stubbornness of the government and in a way a stubborn attitude that is not ready to accept.

The pilot said that if he amends and returns it, then no one is defeated. The government makes laws many times, it has to be reconsidered. The economy is collapsing, petrol and diesel prices are skyrocketing, cylinder prices are rising, inflation is rising, unemployment is increasing and in such a situation the government is killing farmers with such a step. The pilot on Sunday spoke to farmers in Tonk’s Bamor, Sonwa, Harchandeda, Araniamal gram panchayats as part of the party’s ‘Kisan Bachao-Desh Bachao’ campaign.

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