What is Christmas time like in São Paulo?

Sao Paulo christmas decoration

Today is already the 2nd Sunday of Advent and Christmas is coming soon! Signs of the season are popping up all over São Paulo. From Santa Clauses to fake trees, lights to decorated shops, São Paulo is getting more and more Christmas decoration.

But for me it feels strange… It is my first time that I will spend Christmas in summer, with 30 degrees or more, and I do not get in any Christmas mood, at least not yet. Seeing all the snowy decorations feels rather weird as I always anticipate Christmas time with cold (snowy) days, chimney fire and punch on the Christmas market. The punch I can replace with a Caipirinha for sure 😉 but I am still looking for the Christmas market… To get some impressions how São Paulo is decorated in this part of the season:

São Paulo’s Christmas decoration inside Shopping Malls

Sao Paulo Christmas decoration

Sao Paulo Christamas decoration

Sao Paulo Christmas decoration

São Paulo’s Christmas decoration outside

Sao Paulo Christmas decoration Havaianas

Sao Paulo christmas decoration

Sao Paulo Christmas decoration

Sao Paulo Christmas Decoration

Sao Paulo’s big Christmas Tree in Park Ibirapuera

Sao Paulo Christmas Decoration park

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