What do your teeth say about your health white spots could turn cancerous while a gum growth can be a sign of pregnancy | Deep red tongue anemia and white patches in the mouth are signs of cancer, know which such symptoms indicate major diseases

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  • What Do Your Teeth Say About Your Health White Spots Could Turn Cancerous While Gum Growth Can Be A Sign Of Pregnancy

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Sometimes they are ignored when there are problems in the teeth, tongue, gums and their surrounding area. Experts say, these problems indicate many major diseases. It is important to understand these symptoms. For example, the reddening of the tongue indicates iron deficiency and the flattening of the teeth indicates that the person is suffering from stress.

Cosmetic Dentists Dr. Henna Kinsella and Dr. Camila Alimova Telling, which symptoms indicate which disease and why does this happen?

Stress also affects the teeth. Teeth grinding is associated with stress and discomfort. In such a situation, the dentist repairs the damage done to the teeth by applying a mouthguard. Botox injections also help prevent tooth decay.

White rashes in the mouth usually do not cause harm, but it can be a sign of HIV and cancer. In such a situation, a biopsy can be done to confirm whether there is cancer or not. If a person is suffering from leukemia (blood cancer) with white patches, then there is a risk of oral cancer.

Patients who vomit frequently have a higher risk of tooth sensitivity. This is because the acid released from the stomach stays on the teeth for a long time due to repeated vomiting. This acid damages the enamel on the top layer of teeth. Therefore the teeth become sensitive.

Oral cancer occurs when a tumor develops in the mouth, says cosmetic dentist Dr. Camilla. In such a situation, painful ulcers or lumps persist. So be alert when you see this.

In anemia, the tongue becomes dark red and there is swelling in it. The greater the iron deficiency, the greater the inflammation. Apart from this, the texture of the tongue also changes. Many types of cracks are also seen on the tongue.

Swollen gums and bleeding can be a symptom of gingivitis, says cosmetic dentist Dr. Hena Kinsella. This indicates that the balance of hormones in the body is disturbed. When this happens, the risk of infection in the gums increases, this is called gingivitis. Such cases are more common in women during pregnancy.

The appearance of a red round structure in the gums can be a sign of pregnancy. Bleeding may also occur from these. The reason for this is also hormone imbalance. After the birth of the child, it stops showing like this.

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