What do you know about the price of one leaf chaat Ramesh Babu? 8 people were arrested in Baghpat – what do you know about the price of one leaf chaat? 8 people were not arrested in Baghpat


Baghpat Badot: Lathis from both sides regarding chat


In Uttar Pradesh’s Baghpat district, a leaf chaat caused such a fuss in a packed market that eight people were arrested. Seeing the viral video on social media, people did not fail to change the film dialogue by saying, what do you know about the price of a leaf chaat Ramesh Babu …

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This case came up in the Baghpat Chat shopkeeper Fight area of ​​Baghpat district of UP. Here in the market of Barot, there are shops next to the two chattel people. Both the shopkeepers do all the work to attract the crowd of customers. The same thing happened on Monday afternoon, when a customer moved towards a chaatwale, the customer saw the eyes of another chaatwale. He taunted the other shopkeeper and pulled the customer to his shop.

What was it then, the debate started between the two shopkeepers and the fight came up. Then sticks started running from both sides in the filled market. Sometimes someone would kill and then snatch the sticks and show it to the other. All the spectacle was seen making videos with the enjoyment of this fight. But the young man who was assaulted was not ready to leave each other. Then someone informed the police (Baghpat Police) and eight people involved in the assault were arrested.


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