West Bengal poll results show Modi-Shah not invincible: Shiv Sena – Shiv Sena’s attack on BJP, Bengal election results showed PM Modi and Amit Shah not invincible ..


Bengal election results: Shiv Sena targets PM Modi and Amit Shah in editorial (file photo)


Shiv Sena said on Monday that West Bengal Election Results Has proved that Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Union Home Minister Amit Shah are not invincible. The editorial published in the Sena mouthpiece ‘Saamana’ said that all the states (West Bengal, Assam, Tamil Nadu and Kerala) and the Union Territory (Puducherry) which had elections recently, had their eyes on West Bengal. The party said, “Instead of dealing with the Kovid-19 global epidemic, the entire central government (Chief Minister) including Prime Minister Narendra Modi was campaigning in West Bengal to defeat Mamata Banerjee.” It won the Trinamool Congress on Sunday.

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Marathi newspaper Saamana said, “The result proves that Modi-Shah is not invincible even though the entire system and all the technologies have passed.” The Shiv Sena did not contest the West Bengal elections, but supported Banerjee. He alleged that BJP used money, power and government machinery to defeat Banerjee. He said, “One line analysis of West Bengal election result is that BJP lost and Corona virus won.” The Shiv Sena said that Modi and Shah went into the election campaign with the sole goal of securing victory in West Bengal and that they did big rallies and roadshows in violation of the security rules related to Kovid-19.

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He said that the Madras High Court blamed the Election Commission for the latest wave of Kovid-19. Shiv Sena questioned who would take responsibility for BJP’s performance in the election. He said that except Assam and Puducherry, BJP (other states Did not do well in the assembly elections). The editorial said, “The people of West Bengal should be praised for not coming under the guise of an artificial wave and standing united for their prestige.” The country should learn from Bengal.

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