West Bengal Keeping the security preparations started to celebrate Durga Puja

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Keeping the security in West Bengal, preparations for celebrating Durga Puja with simplicity intensified


Durga Puja, the biggest festival of West Bengal (West Bengal), now has about a month left. In such a situation, preparations for celebrating in a simple manner in the wake of Covid 19 Pandemic have started all over the city and the organizers are working on a solution to prevent the spread of infection. The organizers of South Kolkata, a social organization organized to create a puja pandal on the theme of vivid themes, have decided to change the direction of their open pandal this time to South Avenue so that devotees can sit in their vehicle and get the idol of Goddess Durga from afar. To see. Pooja Sangh secretary Arijit Moitra said, "There will be a pandal over the statue but it will be open from the other three sides." Medical personnel will be stationed near the pandal with emergency kit. Volunteers will not let people crowd the entrance of the pandal. ''

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He said, "Things will be different this year … We have also reduced the budget for setting up a puja pandal from 60 lakhs to 15 lakhs. The amount saved will be disbursed to 75 deprived families of Sundarbans. ”Another biggest organizer of Mohammed Ali Park has decided to hold a puja this year in a simple manner, except for the chaos. Pooja committee general secretary Ashok Ojha said, "This time there will be less light and the pandal will be shorter. The idol of the Goddess will also not be more than eight feet high this time. ”Preparations are also going on in Bhawanipur 75 Pali Pooja Pandal, which is the center of attraction in South Kolkata, after the investigation of Kovid-19, the laborers have started work. Bhawanipur 75 Pali Committee official Subir Das said, "We will have sanitizer tunnel and social distance will be ensured. Blockers will not be installed on both sides of the road leading to the pandal.

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However, Tridhara Sammilani, patronized by Kolkata Municipal Corporation officer Debashish Kumar, has not yet formulated a plan of worship. The organizers said that they are in a dilemma about the festival this year. Kumar said, "We have booked the statue but the construction of the pandal has not started. We are not advocates of the idea that only those coming by car can see the Goddess. What about him who comes to Pooja Pandal walking many kilometers? "The final decision will be taken after the meeting with Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee's pooja organizing committees on September 25," he said.

The artists of Kumhartoli, a traditionally sculpted colony in North Kolkata, say that this year is not as business as before, as most of the worship committees have cut the budget. An artist Kanchi Paul said that this year he got just 30 percent work as compared to earlier. He said, "Almost all the top puja committees have asked the height of the statue to be eight to 10 feet, which is at least five feet less than the normal time. This is the new normal situation. We have to adjust to the changing situation.

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