West Bengal Finance Minister challenges debate on Amit Shah, accuses him of misrepresentation of funds


West Bengal Finance Minister Amit Mitra (file photo)


West Bengal Finance Minister Amit Mitra on Sunday accused Union Home Minister Amit Shah of misrepresentation on funds received from the Center and challenged him to debate. Mitra said that the state government has received Rs 1.13 lakh crore from the central government in six years. This is not more than a third of what the Union Minister claimed. Shah, while addressing an election rally in Bengal recently, said that the central government has given Rs 3.59 lakh crore to the state. Mitra told reporters, “They have given incorrect, misleading and politically motivated information. The center collects and shares taxes with states as part of the federal structure.” He said, “We have received only Rs 1.13 lakh crore in the last six years (from FY 2014 to FY 2020).”

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Mitra said in his estimation that the central government has collected about five lakh crore rupees from West Bengal in the form of direct and indirect taxes in these years and only 1.13 lakh crore remitted through central schemes. At the same time, Mitra continuously targeted the center on the rising prices of petrol and diesel, saying, “The center earns Rs 32.90 per liter as tax from petrol, while the state gets only Rs 18.46. In the case of diesel, the central government’s earnings are Rs 31.80 per liter while for the state it is Rs 12.77. “He also alleged that the Center has levied cess so that the states do not have to pay their share, it is a” characteristic of federalism. Is against ”.

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On a question, Mitra said that the Central Government should bring the Planning Commission back. Later, the minister said in a tweet that tax exemption on fuel will be valid till June 30. Mitra said, “To reduce the burden of the common man, the state government has decided to allow a rebate of Rs. 1 per liter on the sales tax payable on the sale of petrol and diesel which is midnight of 22 February, 2021 Will be applicable from 30 June 2021.

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