West Bengal elections 2021: Yogi Adityanath says, TMC fails to bring positive change in Bengal


Yogi said, TMC has failed to bring any positive change in Bengal in the last ten years


West bengal assembly elections 2021: Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath (yogi adityanath) criticized the Trinamool Congress government (TMC Government) in West Bengal and claimed that it has failed to bring any positive change in the last ten years. It also claimed that West Bengal is not a safe place for women in the Trinamool Congress government. He promised that the BJP (BJP) would free education and transport for girls after coming to power and that an ‘anti-Romeo squad’ would be formed to deal with stray people around girls’ schools in Bengal.

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Addressing three election rallies in West Bengal’s Hooghly and Howrah districts, Yogi asked, “Where is the (change) that was promised by Mamata Banerjee ten years ago?” When it came to power, it promised to serve “Mother-Mother-Manush”, which became its slogan. He asked, “What happened to that slogan?” I have come to ask Mamta Banerjee about this. Why is Bengal not a safe place for women? ”

Expressing confidence of the BJP returning to power in Bengal, Yogi said that after the election results were announced on May 2, the ‘goons’ of the Trinamool Congress would be sent to jail. Is not allowed to apply. Violence, anarchy and corruption have ruined the state.

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