West bengal elections 2021: PM Narendra Modi claims, Muslim Vote Bank slipping out of Mamata Banerjees Grasp


PM Narendra Modi claimed, BJP will form government after victory in assembly elections

Cooch Behar:

WB His appeal to go makes it clear that the Trinamool Congress has lost the battle for the assembly elections. Addressing an election rally in Cooch Behar, the Prime Minister claimed that if he had similarly appealed to all Hindus to unite and vote for the BJP, he would have got eight-ten notices of the Election Commission and in newspapers across the country Editorial splash against him. She said that by making such an appeal, Mamta Banerjee has scored a ‘self goal’ and at the same time has accepted that she has lost the election.

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Modi, who addressed Mamata Banerjee as ‘Didi O Didi’ at every election rally in West Bengal, changed her strategy here and addressed her as ‘Respected Didi, O Didi’. It may be known that the Trinamool Congress had objected to the Prime Minister saying ‘Didi O Didi’ and termed it an insult to women. He said, “Respected sister, just recently you said that all Muslims should unite, do not let the vote be divided. You are saying that this means that you are convinced that the Muslim vote bank will give you its greatest strength.” Used to believe, that too has passed from your hand. Muslims have also turned away from you. You have to say so publicly, this shows that you have lost this battle. “He said,” But if we had said that all Hindus should unite, vote for BJP, then we will get elected The Commission would have received 8-10 notices. Editorials from all over the country would have been against us.

The Prime Minister said that in the game of football there is a ‘self goal’ (goal scored against you). He said, “You have scored a self-goal in the election field. You yourself have accepted your truth. “The Prime Minister also took a dig at Mamata Banerjee’s statement in which she said that Modi is some god, who is saying that after winning the assembly elections, BJP government will be formed. Modi said that to find out who is losing in the election and who is winning, there is no need to trouble God. This is revealed by seeing the face of Janata Janardhana, who is the form of God. He said, “Seeing your anger, your displeasure, your behavior, even a child can tell that Didi went to TMC (Trinamool Congress). You have lost the election. The day the polling was going on in Nandigram, what you played in the polling station of the same place, the same day the whole country had accepted that you had lost, there is no need to ask God for this.

PM in his speech mentioned the audio tape about which BJP leader Mamata Banerjee is accusing the government of corruption. He said, “In the recent tapes that have come in, the conversation is giving a full report card of Didi’s 10 years. Didi, you started a new tax in Bengal ‘Bipo Service Tax’. Poor mother-sister added one piece of hard work, he went to Bipo service tax. “The Prime Minister once again claimed that the BJP government is to be formed in West Bengal after May 2. He announced that the Kisan Samman Nidhi will be implemented in the first meeting of the cabinet as soon as the government is formed and money will be transferred directly to the farmers’ account.

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