Weight Loss Tips: Trying to Lose Weight, Do Not Ignore These 5 Diet Mistakes | Why Am I Not Losing Weight When I Exercise And Diet


1. Skipping miles

Many fed diets suggest that food should be given up to speed up the process of losing weight. While this may seem logical at first, reducing your calorie intake in this way can slow down your metabolism and increase your craving even more. Therefore, be sure to eat healthy, balanced and nutrient rich foods rich in fiber and protein, which provide you energy and reduce hunger.

Weight Loss Tips Avoid skipping meals while trying to lose weight

2. Eating fat-free or low-fat processed foods

Promoted as a healthy-eating option, low-fat or fat-free processed foods are often full of sugar and other additives that can ruin your weight loss efforts. Therefore, minimize the intake of processed food as much as possible and consume more of natural fruits and vegetables.

3. Over eating healthy foods

Do not assume that eating more healthy food will not hamper your efforts in weight loss. Whether calories come from unhealthy foods or nutrient-dense foods, weight gain will occur if they are consumed in high amounts. So, be sure to keep in mind the amount of healthy foods before including them in the diet.

4. Cheating with miles after workouts

Many people believe that they treat themselves after exercising for hours in the gym, but, if you eat unhealthy snacks after workouts, then your effort to lose weight goes in vain. Therefore, to complete your weight loss process, eat whole grains, lean meats, vegetables, fruits, or nuts after a workout.

e1968gp8Weight Loss Tips: Excess calorie post-workout intake can affect weight loss efforts

5. Drink Calories

Replacing food with sugar, fruit juice and calories rich in smoothies can be the real culprit of your weight gain. Rather, consume enough water to stay hydrated and switch to zero-calorie drinks to manage weight.


(Garima Goyal is a Dietician from Ludhiana)

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