Wedding special masks, protection from coronavirus, fashion too – Wedding special masks for weddings, prevention of corona virus infection too, fashion too


Masks specially made for weddings are available in the market.

new Delhi:

Coroanvirus infection in the country is not taking name. There is a constant emphasis on following social distancing, sanitizing hands as well as always using masks to prevent infection of Kovid-19. The effect of this is that the mask has now become part of the dress. When it becomes a part of the dress, then the effect of fashion has started showing on it. After matching masks with clothes, masks are now being specially designed for wedding ceremonies. The demand for wedding special masks has increased during the wedding season.

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The need for special types of masks for special occasions came to the fore, fashion designers started using their imagination in this direction and on the other hand, textile manufacturers have started producing them.

There is a huge demand for wedding special masks in Surat city of Gujarat. This demand has increased due to the current wedding season. This is only natural, as people have to protect themselves from the corona as well as social relations. Pooja Jain, a fashion designer from Surat, says, “For masks, we opt for cotton clothes because there is no problem in breathing.” Even if the outer layer of the mask uses some other fabric, but in the inner layer use only cotton cloth. Our masks are suited to the needs. ”


Sudarshan Mundra, director of a textile industry group, says that everyone wants fashionable masks during the wedding season. We use the technology of N95 masks in our masks. We do anti-microbial and anti-bacterial treatment of the cloth used to make masks. We have imported chemicals from Australia. We also have Kovid certification.


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