weavers of banaras agitating for fix rate of electricity took out candle march – weavers of Banaras agitating for fix rate of electricity

The weavers of Banaras took out a candle march.

Varanasi :

The weavers of Banaras, who have been agitating for the past 15 days by shutting down their power looms for fixing the rate of electricity, today took out thousands of candle marches and tried to convey their voice to the ears of the government. When this group of weavers from different neighborhoods gathered near the National Inter College in Benares, this number reached into the thousands and the light of their hand candle was telling them the problem of how to install smart meters of electricity. Because of this, their own business will get a big hit.

Therefore, people want that the fix rate of electricity was fixed at ₹ 72 by the then government in 2006. If the government wants, increase it to double or triple, but do not take electricity bills from meter reading, then the weaver’s business will collapse.

Earlier, these people formed a human chain to spread their voice to the government, gave a memorandum, organized awareness campaign in the locality and organized the Murree bandh but the government has not yet accepted their demand.

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