We offered special price of Vaccine to Government to protect the people: Adar Poonawalla – Special price of Rs 200 only for the Government: Adar Poonawala said on Vaccine Kovishield


Adar Poonawalla said, Serum Institute has offered special rates to the government


To outperform the Corona virus, the whole world is looking forward to India for the manufacture of a large number of Corona Vaccine. Serum Institute (Serum Institute) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Adar Poonawalla said this to NewsBust on Tuesday, hours after the first batch of the country’s first Corona Vaccine-Kovishield 56.5 lakh doses were delivered. Poonawalla termed the moment as historic and said that many countries have written letters for their citizens to buy vaccine from India to the serum institute and Prime Minister’s Office (PMO). He said that the Serum Institute has offered a special rate to the government which is slightly lower than our cost as it has recognized to protect and support the people of the country. Poonawala said, ‘There was no negotiation. We proposed a special price for the safety of the people. Our aim is to protect the health workers, the elderly. After this, when we get permission from the government, then we will sell it in the private market.

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Poonawala told the news agency ANI, ‘We have agreements with many countries – Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Bangladesh and African countries. These countries are looking forward to India because we have large production facilities and the small companies of the world are not in a position to manufacture corona dosages in adequate numbers. ‘ India has not yet imposed any ban on export of Corona vaccine but has not yet given approval despite pressure from Brazil to demand two million doses of Covicield.

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Poonawala has indicated that the first priority for him is the Government of India, which has placed an order of 1.1 crore Kovsheild. He also said that the remaining order of the government, 5.6 crore doses will be supplied by February. Seven to eight crore doses can be produced every month from the Serum Institute of India (SII). He also said that the Serum Institute of India (SII) wants to ensure equitable distribution of doses. He said that we want to help the common man, the weak, the poor and the health care workers, so on the request of the Government of India, we have fixed a special price of 200 rupees for the first one crore dose. We have also kept a reasonable price for the remaining 5.6 crore doses. It will be a little over Rs 200 which is our cost price. After this we will sell it in the private market at a price of 1000 rupees per dose.


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