Water Filled Balloon Bursting In Slow Motion Satisfying Video Is Going Viral


Viral Video: Girl boils water filled balloon and makes slow-motion video

A heart-rending video on social media is becoming viral very fast. The Instagram user shot a water-filled balloon with a needle and made a slow-motion video. He shared two such videos. In one video, a sieve was placed under the balloon. In the second video, the balloon was boiled on the ground.

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This video has been shared on Instagram by a user named simdiuygula. This is a virtual art page. In the first clip, it can be seen that the balloon was hung in the air and the sieve was placed at the bottom. The balloon was blown with a needle. In the slow motion video, the water fell on the sieve and looked very beautiful in appearance. It looks like a fountain is running.

In the second video, the balloon was hung in the air and there was empty ground below. The balloon was boiled with a card. Half the water remained on top and half the water came on the ground. In the slow motion video, this scene looked exactly like the fountain.

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This video was shared on 12 September, so far more than 22 thousand likes have been made. People are praising this slow motion video a lot. People made clapping emojis and funny comments.

One user wrote, 'Very beautiful view.' The other user wrote, 'Very beautiful. I would like to give 10 out of 10 to this video. The third user wrote, 'This video is so relaxing.'


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