Voting in the House of Representatives tomorrow on impeachment against Donald Trump, difficult to pass in Senate – Voting in the House of Representatives on impeachment against Trump yesterday, difficult to pass in Senate


Donald trump justified his speech before the violence


A vote of impeachment will be held on Wednesday against the incumbent President Donald of the US Parliament House Capitol Hill over the violence that took place last week. Voting is scheduled for Wednesday in the US House of Representatives controlled by Democratic leaders.

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MPs Jamie Ruskin, David Ciciline and Ted Liu have proposed impeachment. It is supported by 211 members of the House of Representatives. During the conference call with his party colleagues on Monday, Majority Leader in the House of Representatives said that the vote for impeachment will be held on Wednesday. In this impeachment motion, the President has been accused of ‘inciting treason’ on January 6 through his steps. It said that Trump instigated his supporters to lay siege to the Capitol Building (Parliament Complex) when the counting of votes of the Electoral College was going on and the process was disrupted due to the attacks by the people.


In this incident, five people including a police officer were killed. Democratic lawmakers have enough votes in the House of Representatives to pass impeachment resolutions against Trump, but Republican leaders in the Senate have a slim margin of 51 from 50. The votes of two-thirds of the members are required to pass the impeachment motion in the Senate. Senate Majority Leader Mitch Maconel has said that voting for impeachment in the upper house of the US Parliament cannot take place before the swearing-in ceremony on January 20.

MP Ilhan Omar has subsequently presented two charges of impeachment against Trump. Among them, Trump has been accused of inciting violence to abuse power and plotting a coup to try to change the outcome of the 2020 presidential election in Georgia. Omar said that the House of Representatives will vote on the appeal of Vice President (Mike) Pence and the cabinet regarding the removal of the trump under the 25th amendment. If Pence does not take action, the House will vote on the impeachment motion this week. Republican Senator Steve Danes rejected the impeachment appeal, and Republican leader Matt Gaetz also called it “unnecessary and divisive”.

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